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How Do I Choose A Live In Care Provider? Good question!


Live In Care Why? And Who?


When looking for a  live in care provider, where do I start? Why would I choose live in care and who should  provide it?

The first thing to remember, you are not alone. There are many networks to support you out there, go for the obvious ones first and question them. Be careful of profit making referral services.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Care Quality Commission

NHS Choices Choosing a care provider,


CQC and NHS Choices are working for you and not making a profit from recommending or evaluating a service. Some review sites actually give the company the option of whether to publish a review or not, thus companies don’t have poor reviews published. I’m not brave enough to stick my neck out and claim any review site other than CQC or NHS Choices are 100% reliable or not, I just know who I trust.

If this article hasn’t grabbed you attention or made you want to read any further, well you have read this far and I’ve done my job by informing you about CQC and NHS Choices,  the 2 most crucial bits of information you will receive today.

Healthcare is a multi-million-pound industry. As in any industry, there are good and bad providers. The impact of a bad provider can be catastrophic for a user and every effort should be made to ensure you have employed the right one.

The first question ….Why?

Remaining in your own home is often the deciding factor. By doing this you can maintain your social circle, have a greater input into your care provision, maintain your independence and not go through the trauma of leaving memories behind or the stress of moving. For the average person a move is stressful at the best of times, but when it is a forced move due to health and safety, the level of stress goes up a notch and the upset caused can also be detrimental to your health. Companionship can also be the perfect choice for some people. Loneliness is all consuming and can lead to self-neglect and depression. A live in companion can be  a god send. A good care provider will do everything within their powers to match you to the right companion. Let’s move on to the next important question.

The second question …Who?

It is crucial that you get this right the first time. First things first, do you want a care provider or a provider of a carer?

  • A care provider must be registered with CQC.

  • A provider of a carer does not require this (currently) and this results in a loss of regulatory standards that are there for the sole purpose of protecting you, whether that be from lack of integrity, delivery of fundamental care or abuse etc.

It’s a difficult process gaining CQC registration and the onus is on the provider to prove they are; caring, safe, effective, responsive to your needs and are well led. I would never say an unregistered provider of care is poor at providing carers, what I am saying is they’re not forced to take the precautions a registered provider is. For me becoming a CQC registered care provider was a fantastic opportunity to learn from CQC and in itself was worth the hard work. To just give an analogy of why I feel you should always go for a CQC registered provider, you wouldn’t buy a car that has no seat belts or MOT and drive your loved ones around in it, just because you probably won’t have a crash.

Remaining on the second question ,who? Be selective, talk to different care providers, get a feel for their level of customer service. Get quotes and service specifications ask about any hidden extras. Getting a quote is never easy, but the care providers who are more transparent in their business will have a set of criteria vs charges and not just pluck a rate out of the air. Ask for the criteria and match the appropriate one to your needs, this will empower you to challenge a quote that you feel is different to the criteria. Look out for mistakes, tardiness, lack of information, absolutely anything that sets off alarm bells. This is a crucial decision that needs your 100% confidence in the provider.

So we all head for Google when we want to buy things and from time to time we get stung by the glitzy advertisement that offer us the best of everything. It always stands out, it has a big smiley face on it and it claims to be the best. Could be true, chances are it isn’t, but it could be. Don’t fall for the hype of huge company advertising, who do you think is paying for that? Do you think they give you the personal touch? Are you more than just a number? This is where Google comes into its own and now is the time to use it. Google the company whose big glitzy advertisement gets your attention, but search for it in news.

This is far more informative than reading what they have to say about themselves.

It’s a tough market for care providers at the moment with budget cuts and the increasing need for home care, but providers are still popping up and working through the hard times. For the small companies it’s hard, but the committed caring ones stick with it for their customers. It seems the larger ones will either sell off the home care division of their company or simply cut their losses and inform the customer they’re no longer able to care for them.

Is it the big glitzy company you go for or the small company with the personal touch? Well, it’s neither or either. It’s the one you’ve researched with CQC, NHS Choices, Googled the News on, got a quote from, had a meeting with, evaluated their customer service and can afford.

Let’s think about the carer? Are they trained to do the job? Are they of good character? Are they hard working and conscientious? If the care provider has followed their regulatory compliance with regard to recruitment and retention, then yes they are. Ask about this. Ask if a clear criminal record check has been made, now referred to as a DBS. Ask what the company policy is with DBS, do the company allow ex criminal offenders to work for them? Ask about references eg how many are requested? Does it need to be a good reference or satisfactory or can it be a poor reference and the carer still be offered a job? You cannot take anything for granted.

This article wasn’t written with the purpose of delivering everything you need to know in order to allow you to make an informed choice, it was written to open your eyes to the pitfalls to be aware of and guide you to the right people.

One last thing to think about, we take weeks if not months deciding which kitchen we’re going to have fitted and that’s far less important than who will look after us or our family and friends.

I hope you found this article to be informative.

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