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Elite Senior Team Introduction

We lead by example and conduct ourselves in a way as to promote reliability and value our reliable carers

Operational Director ( Elite Senior Team )

Nikki Boon

Nikki Barrow – Operations & Service Director (Elite Senior Team)

“I’ve worked within the health and social care sector for over a number of years now. I started my journey as a carer and have worked through the ranks to management and now board level. I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to make a major contribution to the way live-in care is set up and delivered. I was recruited for my hands on caring and operational management experience. I understand the apprehension and anxiety felt when families make the decision to remove a loved one from their home to be cared for elsewhere. My aim is to ensure everyone has the option of staying in their own home and to make the process of setting up a care package as effortless and stress free as possible. I am also Elite Live In Care’s end of life and palliative care champion as this is an area all health care professionals need to refocus on. I will be providing mentoring and support to all of our staff to ensure they understand the World Health Organisation’s definition of palliative care and how we can support someone through a “good death”. I will also look provide information to our clients and families right through to bereavement support.”

Nikki is a supporter of Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research UK

 Service Coordinator

Jo Suter

Joanna Suter Service Coordinator

“When I was 14 years old I used to help in a rest home my mum worked in, I found I really enjoyed caring for and helping people. I decided this was the career path I would like to take. When I was 18 years old I got my first paid job as a support worker for a challenging behaviour unit, again I enjoyed this and really felt I made a difference to the people I cared for. Throughout my career I have worked as a carer right through to management and administration within the health and social care sector. This has enabled me to build my knowledge and understanding of the importance of providing high quality care, and the challenges clients may face on a day to day basis. At Elite Live in Care I will be overseeing the care provision of all clients, this will include providing support to family and carers and ensuring the right care provision is in place. I am passionate about the safeguarding of vulnerable people and have taken on the role as the Safeguarding Champion within the company. I regularly in my own time take time to update my knowledge on local and national legislations regarding this including the Mental Capacity and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.”

These are a few testimonies from past colleagues of Nikki Barrow.

Lorraine Wheavil:
“I’ve worked for Nikki, got highly trained, and loved every moment, and actually ‘thanked’ for my efforts, and always knew she was at the end of a phone if needed. Good luck in all you. x”

Steven Sherman:
“I worked with Nikki when I 1st started caring. Great communication (would always return your calls asap), an open door policy if you wanted to chat, always there with support or training if needed and best of all organised some great social gatherings to nurture team building.”

Jo Gosden:
“I have worked with Nikki and she is very professional and i would work with her again if i had the chance xxx”