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        Carers At Elite Live In Care

        “It’s All About You”

        What Our Carers Think

        “My name is Tari, an employee of Elite Livein care. My experience working in Elite has been pleasant and still is. The wellbeing of their service users comes as top priority as well as that of their staff”.

        “Elite is an excellent company to work for, they have a fantastic attitude towards staff and service users and are 100% there if support is needed”. Callan

        “Working for elite is an amazing experience and is rewarding knowing the difference we make as a team to those who rely on us all on a daily basis” James

        At Elite Live in Care, we complete a background check on all of our employees prior to employment. We would NEVER allow a carer to care for our clients without a clean criminal record check.

        We never insist on our care team having experience. Elite are fully behind kind, caring people entering in to health care. Elite will train and ensure a full induction is completed and our clients are happy, before we would allow an inexperienced team member to work alone.

        Our carers are trained in line with Skills for Health’s guidelines, they are 100% compliant with The Care Quality Commissions regulations and are encourage to take advantage of the additional free training we offer our employees.

        A new initiative from Skills for health includes “The care certificate”, Elite are 100% behind this and will ensure ALL of our carers have achieved the standards needed to attain the award within 3 months of their start of employment with Elite Live In Care Limited.

        Carers are matched to customers on a one to one basis. If requested we are always happy for our carers to meet our clients before a care package is finalised. We would not set a firm start date until you’re happy for our available carers to care for you or your loved ones.

        If, for any reason you’re not happy with your regular carer, we will replace them as soon as it is possible to do so, we would never expect you or your loved one to be cared for by someone they didn’t feel comfortable with.

        We ensure all of our staff are reliable by following the Elite Live in Care guidelines. By having face to face contact with our carers at least 3 monthly we not only abide by CQC minimum requirements, but exceed it. Elite do not give our team any reason to believe it is acceptable to not be reliable. We lead by example and conduct ourselves in a way that promote reliability. We do not continue to employ any carers who become unreliable, we feel it would be unsafe to do so.

        All of our carers are specifically recruited for live in care. We do not belong to a large group or have any other business interest. We won’t ask you to buy our insurance or pensions or send you a carer you have never met because we need your carer to cover another customer. We just wouldn’t ever do this. You are our only focus.